Benny Jannerbrink

I am a Swedish country - and former dance band singer, guitarist and songwriter. I have always sung as long as I can remember. As a little boy at the age of 4-5 year I sang the songs that I heard on the radio. At the age of 19 I bought my first guitar and in the early 70's I was a troubadour in pizzerias and then became a full time musician and lead singer in JERRY GREEN'S orchestra from Västerås and ELDORADO'S orchestra from Eskilstuna with touring all over Sweden to many, many dance place.

In 1979, I ended the period as dance band singer but promised myself to give the music full time again when I would be retired. From 1980 and the following years, I worked as a sales engineer, marketing manager and company manager (CEO) in Swedish engineering industry with focus on automated production with i.a. robots.

In 2011 I retired and picked up the music again. The restart was successful when I at a talent competition for seniors with participants from all over Sweden be placed on second place.

Today I call myself SINGER / SONGWRITER and write my own country songs and perform as "ONE MAN BAND" with 50-60 live performances/year.

In my studio in Kungälv, I produce my own music backgrounds, both for my own songs and for the covers I play. In the backgrounds play professional musicians from NASHVILLE and there you can hear, for example, dobro, pedal steel, harmonica, mandolin, violin among many other typical country instruments. It swings a lot of the music, which I always hear from my audience.

The repertoire consists of well-known country songs by the great country artists and my own songs and to my great joy many songs are played often in the smaler local radio stations around Sweden.

I have since 2015 released 5 CD album with half own songs and half covers. In 2020, I have up until today released some singles with my own newly written songs that are posted up on Spotify and other music sites.