BIOGRAFI Engelsk text

I was born on January 3, 1948 in Avesta. Even though I only met my father once after 1950 when my parents divorced, it is from him that I inherited my desire to sing and my longing for the stage. My father participated as a young man in many revues and was locally in southern Dalarna well known for his singing.

Already at the age of 4-5, I sang the songs you could hear on the radio and at school on Saturdays "Fun Hour" at school I gladly performed and sang, which I also continued with after I moved to Surahammar in 1960. At Surahammar's technical school I graduated in engineering in 1966 and the following year at the age of 19 I bought my first guitar.

In the early 70's I was a troubadour in pizzerias in the evenings after my usual job as an engineer during the days at e.g. ASEA in Västerås. I wrote some of my own songs and released a single recorded on the record label Efel.
After the troubadour era, I became a full-time musician and lead singer in the dance bands JERRY GREENS from Västerås and ELDORADOS from Eskilstuna and toured all over Sweden. During those years I wrote several songs, two of which were included on Eldorado's LP HAWAII in 1978. When I finished my dance band time in 1979, I gave myself the promise that the day I would retire I would give the music full time again.

From 1980 onwards, the music came almost entirely into the background when the jobs as sales engineer, marketing manager and company leader in the engineering industry, where automation with e.g. robots as a specialty required a lot of my time. For many years, the guitar hung on the wall and was rarely played on. In 1997, Gothenburg became my home address where the job at ESAB took me and now I have lived in Kungälv since 2009.

In 2011 I retired and was then able to give the music full time again as I promised. It was a successful restart when I came in silver at a talent competition for seniors, the PRO star, with participants from all over Sweden. Today I call myself SINGER / SONGWRITER and write my own songs and do approx. 50 -60 performances / year on different stages.

Already in the 70's I discovered COUNTRY MUSIC and today it is the music that is closest to my heart both when I listen as well as when I play covers and narrative lyrics are also an important part when I write my own songs. My own songs have mostly Swedish lyrics but I also sometimes write in English. With the advanced computer technology that I use in my studio in Kungälv, music backgrounds are produced with musicians from NASHVILLE, both for my own songs and for all the covers I play. The fact that it is professional musicians from Nashville who play the music means that it really swings a lot of the songs, which I very often hear from my audience.

After giving the music full time again, I have recorded and produced 5 CD albums during the years 2015 -2020 on my own independent record company Beja Records. The album has a mix of covers of well-known country songs and my own original songs. Mixing country covers with my own songs is my approach even at my live shows and it is very fun that it is received so positively and appreciated by the audience. In 2020, I have started releasing several newly written songs as singles that have been distributed digitally to a large number of local radio stations in the Nordic countries and posted on e.g. Spotify and YouTube.

When the Corona pandemic in 2020 stopped making live gigs in 2020, it is incredibly fun that several of my own country songs have now been placed on top radio stations' top lists and reaped great success.